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Join us for a better chance to win at life's lottery.    

       All photographs, art, images, text, graphics, copy and information in this site and its pages are          Copyright 2024 by and property of R.C. Sandusky and Reboot Technology Inc.  All rights are reserved.








On Outdated Solutions



    Reboot Technology is a research, project and product development company creating revo-lutionary and sustainable new methods of solving     old problems.


     Welcome to a world of dedication, passion, determination and innovation. This home page takes a quick look at the past of Excalibur, Reboot Technology and founder Caren Sandusky.

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     Absolutely everything shown in the pages of this site (except cars, some electronics & hardware, and where noted) was entirely created, designed and made by the mind, heart and hands of founder Caren Sandusky.  This includes: Works of fine art, artifact restoration, Film and TV programs and ads, copy writing, educational materials, forensic materials, photography, photo processing and equipment, video and digital production, camera and editing equipment, theatrical staging, vehicle paint jobs, product packaging, all printed materials, revolutionary new products and inventions, business models, prototypes, patent art and drawings, medical prosthetics and solutions, home and office furniture, applian-ces and solutions, communication systems, engines, motors, aircraft, vehicle designs and more.

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The Founder page is a brief per-sonal history of Caren.  The History page shows how Caren developed businesses and products over 40+ years. The Join Our Future page shows how you can become part of creating wonderful new inventions and products that will save lives   and improve the world.  

Caren is not just one of the worlds most prolific photographers; she is a creator and inventor of exceptional ability.


                 Reboot Projects & Products                             In Development Include:                      



Sustainable Safety Clothes and Rim Masks(TM), revolutionary new construction designs and styles for clothing and medical face masks that with improve health, safety and convenience for billions worldwide;

Logistical Alerts(TM), Transport TeleCom System, a new com-munication industry that will also save thousands of lives every year;

Pivotal Power(TM), Electric Cars, Trucks & Semi Tractors, completely original new designs for electric vehicles, semi tractors and safety systems for all motor vehicles;

Ambient Air, Sustainable Air-Conditioning, the world's first real Green Tech indoor/outdoor climate control;

Fast Food Grocery Items, inventive new food and food storage products; 

Convenience Shelving, Furnishings and Safety Doors, home and office improvements that increase access for the elderly and disabled, restricts access for children and saves lives;

The Pickett Hybrid Vehicular Engine, a new formula engine design that will produce twice the torque using half the fuel; 

Mockingbird & Responder(TM) Hybrid VTOL Aircraft, new aircraft designs for Advanced (& Urban) Air Mobility air taxi services;

And so much more!

At Reboot, we are helping out during the pandemic by introducing:

Face Mask 3+.jpg

The Rim Mask,    a mitigation         tool for             Covid-19.      A comfortable face covering people can   live with.

Face Mask 4+.jpg

                            To contact us:                              For added cyber security, exit this website,   
& Email us at:       or call / text us at: 904-783-3714

This website is dedicated to two incredible women who are greater by far than most could ever imagine: Shirley Ann Locke Sandusky and Susan Diane Sandusky.

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