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Welcome to the world's next new                product and tech giant. 

  My friends,

Countless billions of dollars are taken out of the small business economy and invested into state and national lotteries every year with infinitesimal payouts going to only a tiny fraction of those investing (playing).  One of the greatest tragedies of our time, is that so many people think that their only opportunity to retire is winning the lottery.  Yes, but of course, people say that the money goes to put kids through college, and that's true to a small degree.  But think a little deeper and ask yourself, is funding one child in school really worth taking a hundred peoples' potential retirement investments away from them?  Imagine if some of that "lottery investment" was actually invested in growing the size of the pie that everyone wants a piece of.  I know folks that spend many hundreds of dollars every month on a less than one in a million chance to win a life changing amount of money from lottery.  Even the most risky of business investments pays a one in four chance of winning.  What if even a modest portion of the lottery investments went to building new companies, new jobs and new products?  Doesn't it make sense that this would be a more exciting, fun and profitable investment to play?


                  Caren Sandusky 





Hitting Refresh on Outdated SolutionsTM


Cursory Executive Summary & Valuations

     Reboot TechnologyTM has over two dozen totally unique new products in development including sandwich fixings, food containers, shoes, socks, balloons, doors, shelving, flooring, cabinets, fans, air conditioners, retail appliances, life vests, face masks, signs, engines, vehicle safety systems, cars, trucks, tractors, airplanes and more. 

     As a problem solver, scientist, inventor, product devel-oper, principle(d) investigator and servant leader, Caren Sandusky can always find a better way to do something.  Sometimes she finds a whole new something that never existed before, and in time, she even makes that better.  Whether or not she personally makes money on her ideas, Caren has always had an uncanny almost magical way of predicting popular trends and new products ten or more years before they come out.  Just as true, Caren always works to achieve sustainability, quality and safety in her products and solutions.

     Each of the items listed above have largely been made the same old way for decades.  Let's take the new electric semi tractor market.  For the most part, the new electric semi tractors, like the new electric cars, are designed using the same overall layout with motors instead of engines and batteries instead of fuel tanks.  What if the whole design was retooled to optimize the full advantages of electric motors instead of engines?  Reboot Techno-logy's Pivotal PowerTM electric semi tractor and safety systems, is a profound redesign making electric semi tractors far more efficient like modern train locomotives and dramatically safer.  Along with that, the Pivotal Power EV AugmentersTM will double the utility and sales of all electric vehicles.   A new $200+ billion market.

     Reboot's Logistical AlertsTM, is a completely new form of communication that will take the world by storm, saving thousands of lives every year in the US alone.  A brand new $300+ billion market that has never existed before.

     Reboot Technology has created whole new forms of air conditioning, ceiling fan systems and products that will vastly expand the options in these markets.  This will be a $400 million market at the very least.

     Reboot has also created a whole new form of sandal that improves health, safety and style options.  This totally new product will also take the world by storm.  It's modest to say this would start out as a $200 million market and soar out from there.

     Reboot Technology has developed the Rim Mask(TM) as a solution to the need for people to wear face masks during our recent pandemic.  Even though the world is finally getting control of things, it would be wise to prepare for future medical issues by improving on the few options that were available when dealing with Covid-19.  Our patent pending Rim Mask and associated products will be a $500 million market at the very least.

     Reboot has more products in development crossing a wide range of industries, especially in home, office and retail improvements.  It is reasonable to expect that they will generate a $20+ billion market in short order.

     The present goal of Reboot Technology is to build a top rate research and development facility that will create, test, patent and prepare remarkable new and improved products for the market.  This laboratory will not be restrained by long held stubborn traditions but instead be run by a diverse group of forward thinking creatives using the science of today for the products and technology of the future.  The products created by Reboot will be licensed to manufacture by companies world wide that need new products to expand their sales lines.  Reboot will create several new or improved products every year and reap the income from these for the life of the patents or sell them out right for our investors. 

     Reboot Technology owns a number of domains, and never stops brainstorming concepts for future winning brands and products.    

     Caren Sandusky and Reboot Technology Incorporated is looking for investors, collaborators and partners to help build this company and bring these revolutionary new products to the world.  We hope to utilize students, grad-uates and others from local communities with diverse disciplines to create solutions with value.  As smaller products are developed and brought to market, larger projects are undertaken.   We have plenty of incredible ideas and products that we are ready to finish. 


     Won't you join us on this great new adventure?

     Please contact us for information or to offer your ideas and suggestions on how to become part of Reboot Technology and helping others to win at life's lottery.


     Here is just one small example of Reboot Technology's solutions, the Rim MaskTM.  This ultra comfortable and effective safety face mask is for present and future pan-demics like Covid 19.  The unit shown here is the fourth proof of concept with over 1500 hours of hard use on it.  The Mark 7 (not shown) is very attractive and even more medically effective.

Rim Mask TM   Proof of Concept

A Rim Mask is a set of frames or rims similar in design to corrective or sun glasses, that is modified or custom designed in a variety of ways to support a medically protective face covering that is very comfortable.

Face Mask 3+.jpg
Face Mask 7a.jpg

An air filtering or shield material, in flexible, semi or rigid form, is attached to and/or re-movable (for cleaning or replacement) in a variety of ways to a frame that is able or unable to fold for convenience, and is worn to comfortably and securely cover the mouth and nose.

With the onslaught of the pandemic Covid-19, it is clear that face coverings are to be the required fashion worldwide for some time to come.  The problem is that although healthcare workers may be a custom to some use of masks, most everyone else is not.  Most masks pull tight over the face with straps around the ears, head and neck, causing all manner of discomfort.  This new mask solidly holds the face covering directly over the nose and mouth preventing all outward projection of bodily contaminates without putting pressure on the face.  All of the necessary social protection with none of the discomfort.

Face Mask 4+.jpg

There are many possible versions of this mask, including ones with corrective or shaded lenses, face shields, augmented air filtration, eating access and so much more.  Above is shown a rough prototype version with a light neck strap; to the right is one entirely supported by the frames alone.  A preferred version is made with a low smooth thin frame around the cheek bone and up to the temples and ears for clear vision and no fogging of glasses.  Numerous other utility versions and fashion styles are possible with this mask design.  

Face Mask 8+.jpg

The Rim Mask design was invented by Richelle "Caren" Sandusky and is patent pending.  The patent application also claims a face covering flap that is added to a shirt and other garments that can be readily used as a mask.  Caren has done market research with thousands of customers at a large grocery store chain.  There is a significant demand for the Rim Mask.   Caren is looking for collaboration or partnership to complete the development and bring the Rim Mask to market.  

                              To contact us:                                For added cyber security, exit this website,        & Email us at:        or call / text us at: 904-783-3714

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