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Introducing,                                     A Much Storied Founder:

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Caren Sandusky

 Chapter 1.      Family

Mom & Dad 2.jpg
Mom & Dad 1.jpg

Caren's parents were Carl Philip and Shirley Ann  Locke Sandusky with two brothers, Phil and Mark.

Mom & Dad 3.jpg
Mom & Dad 6.jpg

Carl was the son of a creative dentist and a talented painter; was a pilot in the US Air Force and an air traffic controller.  Carl inherited  and developed his many creative talents becoming a true artisan.

Mom 7.jpg
Mom 1.jpg
Mom 9.jpg
Mom 4.jpg

A brilliant and devoted woman, Shirley was ahead of her time.  She used her talents in theater and more to start and develop a special education program for students that the education system forgot. 

Mark Art 4.jpg
Mark Art 1.jpg

Surrounded by her five kids, Caren's brother Mark to the right and Phil below, 

Mark with Kids.jpg
Phil Art 2.jpg

are two of the most talented and skillful artists of modern times!

Phil Art 6.jpg
Phil Art 1.jpg

2.  Education

                                              Caren was born neuro-atypical and with other disabilities that made traditional schooling and learning difficult.  With understanding teachers, a brilliant mother, talented father and adventurous family, she was able to learn more from the world than just books.  Her family took exciting boat trips, road trips and flights.  Every journey brought a new world to learn from.  Her parents also gave her toys, art supplies, experiences and more to help her learn and grow.    

Mom & Dad 4.jpg
Adventure Trips 2.jpg
Adventure Trips 1.jpg
Boat Trips 2.jpg
Boat Trips 1.jpg
Electronics Toy.jpg
Old Publications 8.jpg
Aeronca Champ.jpg
Estes Rocket.jpg
Aerial Photography Pecan Cove.jpg
Adventure Trips New 6.jpg
Erector Set Box.jpg
Book 1.jpg
Old Publications 7.jpg
Old Publications 16.jpg

3.  Early Art

                                   Caren's brother Phil was talented in drawing & painting and is well known as a master today.  Her younger brother Mark could make or create almost anything but preferred to draw caricatures.  Caren was drawn to create, make or build things that had or could have a purpose.  She also liked business and worked to finds ways to make things that had value and could be profitable.

Candle Wax.jpg

At age 7, Caren made and sold innovative candles. 


Caren's Easter Island sculpture & 7 foot dragon costume with moving head & facial features for her mother's play.

Mom 9.jpg

Caren's 8 ft. Bridge Over the River Kwai. 

Early Drawings 3.jpg
Early Drawings 1.jpg
Early Drawings 2.jpg

Caren loved to draw on teletype computer paper.  First you see her version of a ship like Cousteau's Calypso, equipped with her invention, port and starboard pontoon thrusters.  Caren loved everything Disney and even improved on the monorail train.  And finally her version of a lunar base for mining. 

Space Craft.jpg
Space Ship.jpg

Growing up during the space race, Caren scratch built 3D models in the greatest detail, and drew a 4 foot Mariner 9 poster.

Mariner 9 poster launched 5-30-1971.jpg
It Will Never Fly 2.jpg
Motor & Prop.jpg
It Will Never Fly 4.jpg

At age 13, discouraged by family, Caren scratch built her six foot airplane: It Will Never Fly.

30 years ahead of it's time, with a revolutionary air foil design and composite construction; Caren's airplane flew far better than any similar sized kit built flying model aircraft.  She also experimented in electric propulsion and scratch built a 2 pound turbojet engine that produced 12 pounds of thrust.  

4.  Photography

Phil Art 7.jpg

Caren was envious of her brother Phil being able sell his art at an early age.

Old Camera.jpg
Miranda New.jpg

Caren thought about it and chose photography as an art that she could earn money with.  At 14, she started with some old cameras her father had, text books from school, an old dark room, and taught herself photography.  She started making money very fast selling team pictures and doing weddings.

Darkroom 1.jpg
Darkroom 2.jpg
Team Picture.jpg
Wedding Early.jpg

At 16, Caren mastered the science & art of photography so well she was made a high school photography teacher.  At 18 plus, she became one of the youngest certified teachers in Florida.

Caren Made Camera 1.jpg
Caren Made Camera 7.jpg
Photography 2.jpg
Follow Through 1.jpg
Follow Through 2.jpg

For research & competition, Caren made her own cameras, film and photo paper from scratch.  This booklet for the county schools was her first of numerous published works, many to be used world wide.

Right Whales.jpg
Photography 13.jpg
Photography 8.jpg
Photography 9.jpg
Photography 14.jpg
Photography 15.jpg
Photography 7.jpg
Photography 20.jpg
Photography 1.jpg
Photography 11.jpg
EP Cemetery.jpg
Photography 6.jpg

At the same time, Caren also developed her skills in film production, starting with her father's super 8 movie camera.  This would soon lead to her becoming an award winning film and television producer.

S8 Canon Plus.jpg

As a professional, commercial, advertising, press and forensic photographer, along with her media production, Caren would progress to becoming one of the most prolific photographers of all time. 

5.  Crazy Crafts

Light Bulb.jpg

        Always having grand ideas, at the age of five, Caren would use stakes and string in the front yard to mark off the rooms of her future home.  At seven, she made from scratch a real working light bulb to prove she could do what Edison did.  Later she would make giant kites for the neighborhood kids to fly, this one from the school roof.

Big Kite.jpg
Cardboard Boat 2.jpg
Cardboard Boat 3.jpg

For the 1974, AM 690 Rambling Raft Race, Caren built a 16 foot water tight, plastic covered, paper and cardboard boat that really worked. 

Cardboard Boat 1.jpg
Parachute 5.jpg

Caren loved the idea of sailing and aviation.

Looking for the next big adventure, she made parachutes from scratch.  Ranging from 12 to 20 feet, her friends, neighbors and three generations of family have safely enjoyed her parachutes for decades.   

Parachute 11.jpg
Parachute 4.jpg
Parachute 10.jpg
Parachute 3.jpg
Parachute 8.jpg

6.  Fine Art, Toys & Utility

Arc Reactor 1.jpg
Moon Pot 2.jpg
Parade Float.jpg
Beth & Key.jpg
F1 Car 1.jpg
Car 2.jpg

With rare exception, Caren has made, completely by her own hands, everything herein.  She had little formal art education and mostly learn by self studying the work of great artists and artisans.  Here you will see a home coming float she built, a pencil drawing, several pots, some toys for her kids and whiskey barrel chairs.   She burned out 19 saw blades cutting four chairs from two               barrels.  Two of her pots were said by art critics to                   be structurally impossible to make.

Scout Plane.jpg
Truck 2.jpg
Apple Pot 1.jpg
Car 1.jpg
Mary Ann.jpg
Green Pot.jpg
Barrel Chair 3.jpg
Apple Pot 2.jpg
Barrel Chair 2.jpg
Moon Pot 1.jpg
Barrel Chair 1.jpg

7.  Purposeful Creator

Scuba 2.jpg

Growing up in the age of undersea exploration, Caren wanted to scuba dive.  She joined some boys at school, took several college diving courses, completed over 300 dives (mostly cave) and trained to the level of dive master.  Here she is with her oldest son, Brian.

Scuba 3.jpg
Scuba 6.jpg
Scuba 5.jpg
Scuba 1.jpg
Scuba 8.jpg
Camera Case UW 2.jpg
Teasure Pipe.jpg
Camera Case UW 1.jpg
Camera Case UW 3.jpg
Scuba 10.jpg

Being a photographer, Caren had to be able to take pictures underwater.  Such equipment cost so much, she decided to build her own camera cases.  The unit above is 45 years old and still works, to the right is her production model that served many clients for years.

8.  Adulthood and Beyond

Old Publications 5.jpg
Internship Ch 12.jpg
EP Brochure.jpg

While in school, Caren was made a certified teacher at the local college, now FSCJ.

Caren Sandusky was also selected by the State of Florida to be the first student chosen for a new type of internship program.  Instead of working as an intern in a given department, she was allowed to be an observer and student in every department of a local NBC network affiliate broad-cast television station.  This was a priceless opportunity to learn about the art, science and business of TV production. 

While still in college, doing profes-sional photography and selling cameras at Montgomery Wards, Caren started her first (and longest lasting) of several businesses.

Art by Marc Brian

Caren on the Farm 2.jpg
Seven Kids.jpg
Lab Shot.jpg

9.  Marriage and Family

Sandy Kids by Fire Place Water
Sandy Kids in Flower Box.jpg

           Caren and her spouse have five children.  To the left, you see them at Christmas time in front of her green tech designed fire place that heated water to provide heat to other rooms.

Pumpkin Cleaning.jpg
Erector Set.jpg
Caren & Ethan edited 2.jpg

They were also foster and adoptive parents.  For two decades they sheltered more than two dozen children who needed a loving home.  The brunettes seen here were neighbors from a good home. 

S7 Kids.jpg
Halloween 1.jpg
Amy Wedding 1.jpg
Halloween 3.jpg
Brian & Amy in Flowers.jpg
Alien Movie 2 best 1.jpg
Beth Wedding 3.jpg
Beth Wedding 2.jpg

This family loved books, music, adventures, parties, holidays, movies, friends, making videos, helping others and opening their home to friends. 

Caren with Grandsons 1.jpg
The Fair.jpg
Eagle Fence.jpg
Xmas Lights.jpg

10.  Preserving History

Cummer 1.jpg
Cummer 3.jpg
Cummer 2.jpg
Cummer 6.jpg
Cummer 5.jpg
Cummer 4.jpg

Caren has a passion for history.  Above is a replica of a 1909 Moy & Bastie 35mm cine camera.  With her father's help, she made it for an exhibit about silent film making in Florida well over 100 years ago. 

Caren also collects and restores artifacts of history.  Many of these are relating to photo-graphy and cinema-tography.  The center piece of two celebrated exhibits was her 1912 Simplex 35mm motion picture projector, high-ly acclaimed by the Smithsonian, that she restored by hand.   

11.  Animal Farm

Judah & Indy.jpg
Cowgirl 2.jpg

In her youth, Caren had the great opportunity to learn equestrian skills and a love of horses from several professional rodeo cowboys.                                     

Kids & Me.jpg
Judah & Duke.jpg
Cowgirl 1.jpg
Kids in Bed.jpg
Cowgirl 3.jpg
Amy & Daisy.jpg
Kids in Grass.jpg
Caren on the Farm 6.jpg
Caren on the Farm 7.jpg
Caren on the Farm 3.jpg
Sam at Fair.jpg
Caren on the Farm 9.jpg

Caren, her children                    and grand kids love animals of all kinds.  She just can't be whole without her dogs and cats.  She and her family also cherish their farm where they grow peanuts, hay, trees, watermelons and sorghum.  

Photography 23.jpg
Rubber Tree.jpg

12.  Adventures & Fun 

Ethan Halloween.jpg
Ethan Hotcakes.jpg
Adventure Trips New 2.jpg
Old Publications 12.jpg
Caren at Oshkosh 3.jpg
Caren with Grandsons 5.jpg
Caren at Oshkosh 2.jpg
Camping Friends.jpg
Camping Oshkosh.jpg
Adventure Trips New 7.jpg

    Caren Sandusky                                                                      started her own                                                         adventures, traveling and camping with these friends to the     left.  It would continue on with more friends and family. 

Adventure Trips New 1.jpg
Caren at Oshkosh 5.jpg
Concerts 1.jpg
Concerts 2.jpg
Concerts 4.jpg
Concerts 3.jpg
Concerts 5.jpg
Airplane 2.jpg
Baby Judah.jpg
Bowling 1.jpg
Six Gun.jpg
Adventure Trips New 4.jpg

For business and pleasure, Caren has flown or mostly driven almost 2 million miles across and around the United States.  

Cave Trip.jpg
Boba Fett 1.jpg
Cannon Fire.jpg

Really nice trips, good friends, eating tasty food.

Caren enjoys fencing, bowling and history reenactments, and:  

Caren with Grandsons 7.jpg

Concerts with friends.

Caren with Grandsons 4.jpg

Dancing with daughter.

Caren with Grandsons 6.jpg

There's no more worthy adventure than helping with grand kids.  Being a warm bed, a Flash NeeNee and dinosaur food, so much fun.

Ethan & the Cat.jpg

"Yes Sam,                                              he wants to eat us, well mostly you!"

Fire Boss.jpg

Caren's youngest son Ethan, also likes to do things big, just like her. 

  Thanks for joining us for a personal look into our Founder's life.   To see what Caren Sandusky has created in business and more, please see our "History" page. 

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